Psych Choices Patient Satisfaction Survey


Please answer the following questions by selecting the appropriate option button. This survey is completely anonymous.

Select Your Therapist:
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Thinking about your provider, how would you rate these aspects:

How prepared your provider was for your visits
Attention your provider paid to what you had to say
How well your provider understood your concerns
Thoroughness and competence of your provider
Ease of getting an appointment with your provider

Continuing to think about the visit(s) you have had with your behavioral health provider, please rate your agreement with the following statements:

Provider is focused on developing the goals for my counseling/treatment
Your provider gave me as much information as I wanted about what I could do to manage my condition.
Your provider and other behavioral health providers, if any, worked as a team in coordinating my care.
Your provider and my primary medical doctor, if involved, worked as a team in coordinating my care.

Now, please comment on your experience with our office staff:

Professional and courteous
Knowledgeable and helpful

Finally: How likely would you be to recommend Psych Choices of the Delaware Valley to a friend or family member?

Final Over All Rating