Nate Prentice, M.S.W, Psychotherapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Pastoral Counselor

Nate Prentice, M.S.W, Psychotherapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Pastoral Counselor Nate Prentice, M.S.W, Psychotherapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Pastoral Counselor
What is Christian Counseling?

About My Practice

Change is one of the most daunting things that any of us can face. Perhaps you need to make changes in your marriage or significant relationship. You may need to change the way you manage your mood, or your handling of anxiety. Perhaps you have a difficult situation at work or home that forces you to seek ways to adapt to new circumstances. You may be adjusting to the death of a loved one, or want to address negative thoughts and emotions associated with traumatic events that have brought change into your life. In the end, though, when you are in the midst of it, change is daunting.

My role is to coach people who come to me in negotiating their way through change. In my 20+ years of professional practice as a psychotherapist, social worker, and pastoral counselor focusing on providing therapy, I have learned how to best help people deal with their circumstances. The way I do this is by helping people focus on their strengths and helping them form a vision for where they would like to be when they are successfully coping with change. I then encourage them to fulfill their vision through learning new skills and addressing rough spots along the way.

I do individual, family, couples, and group therapy with people with various problems, but I have particular strengths. I have a strong foundation in addressing post traumatic stress (otherwise known as PTSD or "shell shock") that comes from working with people such as combat veterans, battered persons, car accident survivors, child abuse survivors, and sexual abuse survivors. My training also includes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is a very effective and rapid way to address troubling memories. In a very caring, non-confrontational way, I help people deal with change associated with troubling pasts.

I also have done a lot of work with people who deal with depression and/or bipolar disorder (previously known as "manic-depression"). I use a technique called cognitive-behavioral therapy to help people change the way they think, and thereby change the way they feel when coping with these things.

I have worked with people who have addictions such as alcoholism and drug addiction in a variety of different settings. My work has been a wonderful support to recovering people who are committed to a 12-step program and have already made the decision to strive for complete sobriety.

I have found that my training in clinical hypnosis is also helpful for people managing anxiety and pain. it helps them realize that they have options in their experience of these things so that they can function optimally in their day to day life.

Finally, people of different faiths who have spiritual problems have also been helped by the work that I do. I have found that spirituality can be a great source of strength and sometimes a source of conflict. I help people negotiate change using the best of their spirituality while helping clients address spiritual obstacles on their own terms. While I am Christian in orientation, I also work with people of different faiths to help them resolve their spiritual issues. People who are atheists or agnostic are certainly fully respected and accepted as well. See my Christian Counseling page.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I have seen a lot of what change can throw at people and I have been able to help people bounce back. If they can't bounce back, then I can help them cope to the point that the change they experienced becomes the starting point of a stronger life.

When you need a hand with coping with changes in your lives, it is good to have someone in your corner, helping you negotiate it. I am willing to be that person for you.

Please note that if you want more information about me, you can look at my website, which includes more information about therapy with me, books and CDs, and resources you may find helpful even now. Also, be sure to check out my blog, which has information on different topics.

I am also available for trainings, workshops, lectures, and coaching.

I can also provide supervision towards the Licensed Clinical Social Work credential.


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