Secure Credit Card Payment Options

Payment Options

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  • You may use a credit card to pay for today's appointment, or a past due balance. You will need to know the amount of your balance, which does not appear on this website. To pay your balance or for today's appointment, please CLICK HERE.
  • New patients, or patients returning after an absence of more than a year: to hold your first evaluation appointment at Psych Choices, we require that you authorize a credit card to be kept on file temporarily. Your card will only be charged if you do not show up for this appointment, or if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice. The charge for missing a psychiatric evaluation appointment is $150; for missing an evaluation with a therapist, the charge is $75. Once you appear for this first appointment, you may cancel this authorization. (You may also choose to keep your credit card information on file, if you wish, to pay future bills or any future no-show fees). The credit card authorization can only be canceled by our Billing Manager. CLICK HERE to authorize a credit card hold for an evaluation appointment.
  • You may use a credit card to pay for a future appointment. To pay for a future appointment, you will need to know the cost of the appointment or co-pay. To pay for a future appointment, please CLICK HERE.
  • You may authorize use of your credit card to make recurring monthly installment payments on a large past due balance. To use this option, you must first have the arrangement approved by our office staff. Please contact the billing manager to make arrangements. Then, you may CLICK HERE to set up automatic installment payments.
  • The billing manager can be reached at 610-626-8085 xx 201, or at