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What is Holistic Mental Health Care?

We are holistic because we believe that healing requires more than just adjusting brain chemistry, and more than just talking about problems. Brain chemistry and talking can be important elements of healing, but equally important are the body, the emotions, the spirit, and our relationships with others and with ourselves.

At Psych Choices, we offer an array of alternatives. Psychotherapy can help you find more effective ways to manage your feelings, your relationships, and your life. Psychiatric medications and/or dietary supplements may address biological factors that have caused mental illness or distress; we offer genetic testing to help determine the best medication for your particular needs. Nutritional counseling and other lifestyle changes can have a profound effect on mood and stress management. We even offer pastoral counseling, sex therapy, and psychological testing.

We accept most health insurance plans. For those without insurance that we can accept, we offer a sliding fee scale.

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