Patient Feedback

"Your office staff and your treatment team's flexibility and kindness have been one of the reasons I've continued to seek care at your office. It's very impressive that you are able to provide a community mental health service in a way that people with and without insurance can afford. I am very lucky to find that level of care at a business that accepts insurance."

"Excellent service, very professional."

"I have been with Psych Choices for almost 20 years. I would and I do trust them with my life, and my mental well-being and health. They are the best, with the respect they have shown me over the years. Even the receptionist will brighten up your day and make you feel welcome."

"Mr. Tomlinson has helped me tremendously over the past year. Many thanks to the hardworking staff doctors and therapists at Psych Choices."

"I appreciated the opportunity to schedule my appointment and fill out the intake paperwork online! That made this whole process significantly more pleasant. Thank you for making that system available for patients."

"Nate Prentice is very welcoming, extremely compassionate and caring, a great listener...He makes me feel that he understands what I am going through and that if we work together towards certain goals my situation and issues can improve."

"Nate is my lifeline. I find it essential to see him to maintain mind as well as body."

"Kim (receptionist) is always helpful and courteous, she keeps things very organized even on the busiest of days."

"I am very happy with Dr. Blair, I feel he really listens to me."

"My sessions (with Mr. Milburn) have allowed me to examine aspects of personality that I had not considered."

"Mr. Milburn is very patient and fair, and understanding."

You can submit your feedback about us at Psych Choices of the Delaware Valley here.